Would you like to use your IMAGINATION to design our CD front cover?

Are you a talented artist of photographer?

Our youth and senior band are making a CD in October and will be called “IMAGINATION”, featuring some of our popular pieces from the past year.


 We are looking for a colourful, eye catching imaginative front cover. The title IMAGINATION needs to be included in the design along with the names of both bands Elland Silver Band and Elland Silver Youth Band. Quite a number of the pieces are very lively and fairly recent compositions. It could be an original drawing, a collage of photographs or an abstract image. It needs to look musical and include reference to brass instruments.


Professional, sleek, modern, fun, colourful


Please submit your art work ideally electronically in a high resolution image which can then be sent to our printer. (If this is not possible, don’t worry, you can submit a paper design).

 CLOSING DATE:  Monday 2nd October. Please email your submission to samharrison32@talktalk.net

 If you would like further information or advice or would like to talk through your ideas please get in touch with Sam Harrison on 07940 525837. All the art work will be displayed in the bandroom, and a panel from youth and senior band will select the winning submission.